Simple Sprite Renderer is an API that is supposed to make rendering games easier for you.

When using pygame, usually you have to worry about positioning, scrolling or the order at which you render your objects so that one appears to be on the top. SSR takes this effort away from you by providing a more high level API.

With SSR, you don't draw sprites directly. Instead, you create a so called "plane", which is a 2d map of arbitrary size. You then create objects on this map and specify a pygame surface, a position, and the layer. The latter determines which objects are rendered on top.

You then call a function and pass a pygame surface to which the frame will be rendered. The renderer will draw the objects according to the specified viewport position and size. There are also functions for moving the viewport, which the current pygame implementation will handle efficiently.

For further information, see the Documentation or the Example.

The source is available for download.